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Being a professional writer comes with its own rewards, but it is saddled with varying degrees of problems. Writing is a profession which employs the use of the mind in a distinct way.

During the course of writing, professional writers use their ability and imagination to express themselves, and this enables them to build on their language skills.

Not everyone can pass for a professional writer. For some people, since you know how to put pen to paper, they call you a writer. However, it does not just stop there.

Asides the fact that you are adept at exploring your imagination, and translating them to words. There is still a need to learn the skill of good writing.

Professional writers are known to display grit. This is what separates them from everyone else who writes.

When it comes to addiction problems, professional writers are not left out. As a matter of fact, considering the nature of their work, they have a high chance of getting addicted than other professionals in their respective fields.

Writing is a form of exercise which needs regular imagination, and a distinct thought pattern which can sometimes cause anxiety in the writer.

Professional writers are usually stressed, and most people do not know it. A good number of people think since professional writers love what they do, no form of stress would tell on them.

However, the form of stress which professional writers face, is mental stress. Hence, they result to some means to keep them going beyond their limit.

There are some professional writers who are addicted to food. Spending long hours putting pen to paper, requires much brain power, and some of them rely on food to get back on track.

For this set of professional writers, if there is no food, it would be difficult for them to write.

In addition to this, some professional writers are also addicted to substance use; alcohol and drugs. This is widespread among most professional writers, because they also use any of these substances to deal with stress.

Most of them are aware of the short-term effect, but they cannot do without it.