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Different Types of Professional Writers

professional writerPeople use the title “writer” to describe anyone who habitually writes anything, either professionally or as a hobby. It is, however, a rather vague term as the purpose behind any particular writing can be vastly different. The title “writer” draws to mind images of a novelist, obsessing over their writing and disregarding everything else. This stereotype hardly describes every type of writer. Professional writers are a diverse group of people with a range of different professional intentions.

  • The most traditional professional writer is the independent one; a novelists, essayists, blogger or freelance writer. This type of writing requires entertainment, information and enlightenment value from the writer. This writer is fortunate enough to be their own boss and pursue the writing projects of their choice. It is considerably difficult to achieve this type of writing vocation. Only a small percentage of professional writers can claim true independence.
  • Academic or research writers are primarily scholars or scientists of some sort. Many are employed by educational institutions, labs, research centers or other organizations looking to conduct official studies. The communication of their findings in readable, official language is very important to the success of the research, which means that a professional level of writing is necessary.
  • Technical writers are recently in very high demand as there is often a separation between technically minded people and good writing skills. It is now very common for a person to receive an education in both writing and a technical vocation, equipping them to communicate the technical language in a way that is understandable to the layperson.
  • Marketing and press release writing is an area of writing that many people who study journalism and English gravitate towards. This type of writing requires the ability to generate interest in the subject matter, which is different from writing of the technical variety. Where technical writing is under no obligation to inspire the reader to keep reading, marketing and press release writing are supposed to be catchy and hook the reader.
  • News writing, or journalistic writing, is a well established profession and area of study. News writing involves finding stories, researching them, conducting interviews and organizing facts into a well written news piece to inform the public of current events. News writers are generally employed with a newspaper or similar editorial.

A Life of Writing

writing lifeA professional writer is a person with a particular brand of ups and downs. People become professional writers for a number of reasons, such as strong linguistic, storytelling or communication abilities, but one thing that all professional writers value is the power of the written word. The creation of literature marked the dawn of humanity’s original intellectual revolution, and literature continues to flourish today as the basis for the communication of intellectual ideas. Even the movies and music that we value so highly in modern times begin with the written word, in the form of screenplays and lyrics. Writers have played a very important role in the civilization of the world’s cultures, and continue to revolutionize the world today. However, for such an important vocation, writers can be some of the most misunderstood and disadvantaged professionals in the workforce. Society’s relationship with its writers can be a complicated one.

The rewards of being a professional writer are many. Professional writers often struggle to make a living on their writing, so when they do achieve that coveted title of professional writer, it is very fulfilling. It is an honor for a writer to make a living on their writing because it means they have something valuable to say. Professional writing is unique among vocations as it calls for solitude and a great deal of thinking. In fact, it is quite literally an exercise in organizing and translating thoughts into communication. Most professional writing positions are in marketing and technical writing, which can make a decent living. It is a much smaller percentage of writers that publish full length books, but those who do can sometimes become wealthy off of it.

Of course, it is not all good news for professional writers. There are a number of ways they are abused and mistreated as well. When all is said and done, the skill of writing is an art form, and it is no big secret that artists are largely disrespected in the work force. Writers are often pressured to produce insanely high word counts for unimpressive pay – a practice that totally disregards the talent they possess. This pushes many of them toward mental disorders and addictive tendencies. Writers are also frequently misunderstood as people for their necessity of solitude. Writing is one vocation that cannot be achieved socially.