In the writing world, there are two factors which often conflict each other, and cause a sort of confusion for the writer, these are: inspiration and deadlines.
Inspiration is a condition whereby a writer has the will and the urge to creatively process thoughts, and put them into writing. During this period, there is a huge possibility that the writer would attain heights of intuitive, imaginative and artistic integration of visuals, texts and speeches.
However, the inspiration of a writer does not last for a long while, so it is essential that such writer utilizes this period for full effectiveness. It is necessary for a writer to seek ways on how to continually renew the source of inspiration, in order to churn out great pieces of writing.
A good writer can draw inspiration from just anything; any random occurrence which could be: a person laughing hysterically, a bride crying on her wedding, a tree which sheds its leaves amongst others. It would surprise you to note that a writer could extract several texts from any of such events, and make a wonderful piece out of it.
For deadlines, this is referred to as a time frame which the writer has to meet up with, in order to achieve a particular goal. Deadlines could be self-imposed or enforced. Self-imposed deadlines can be said to be a form of discipline which the writer gives himself, in a bid to finish up a project. Most times, these deadlines can be extended. Although, it is beneficial for the writer to apply self-restraint, in order to ensure that this does not occur.
Enforced deadlines could occur in a case whereby the writer happens to belong to an organization for instance, and a piece needs to be written and submitted urgently. A couple of times, deadlines are not really convenient for writers, due to the fact that, they would be put under pressure and it would be hard to draw inspiration. Hence, an average piece might be produced eventually.
Deadlines are known for bringing out the best in writers, as qualities such as speed, accuracy and delivery time would be tested.
However, a quality writer needs to attain a particular level of expertise whereby tight deadlines would not be an issue, whilst integrating inspiration into the write-ups to yield an overall great piece.

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