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A wordsmith could also be called a great storyteller. A wordsmith uses his or her initiative to shape words to have the greatest possible effect. A wordsmith should be able to choose and use words for maximum effects, and also be able to formulate word symbols and plan words as efficiently as possible.
A storyteller should possess the skill of good writing. There is a common opinion that great and effective communication should be based on how well one can use big words and an impressive vocabulary.
It is important to understand that communicating information requires separating the non-essentials from the essentials, and as such, it involves making ideas in a communication evident to everyone. Rarely are efficient word communicators’ good editors.
There are ways to develop writing skills and become a proficient wordsmith. A professional wordsmith understands the nitty-gritty and fundamentals required to develop creative word pieces.
Firstly, to develop creative writing skills, one must be clear on the intent and purpose of writing. A good writing is the one that has a clear and lucid intention which the writer should endeavor to follow through once the purpose is known. With a clear target to achieve when writing, there would be clarity in the use of words.
Also, a good writer must understand the need to be straight to the point in communication. There is an immense need for brevity and conciseness in making a point known through words.
If a writer is having difficulty in getting to the point, he or she should think about the receptors of the message been passed across and try to make evaluations on the reason for writing the message that the writer wants to pass across, and the reaction the writer wants the reader to have. Doing these evaluations, will help keep the writer on track.
Similarly, a writer must learn to write from a calm mind. When trying to write from a stressed mind, a writer might not be able to express his or herself effectively. Staying in a relaxed zone mentally and being in a state of happiness, is the key to maximum creativity. Ideas and concepts keeps flowing in when the mind is open and active. There are various ways to keep the mind relaxed which includes playing music, meditating in a quiet environment etc.
Furthermore, the longer a writer stays on a piece of writing, the worse it can become. A writer should endeavor to give him or herself a time limit to prevent occurrences of time wastage. So, a good wordsmith must have a good purpose for writing.

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