Just like everyone else, writers may be faced with depression and anxiety at different stages of their life. Writing is an exercise and pursuit that requires constant imagination and thinking of a particular thing continuously, which might stir up some levels of anxiety, especially when writers think too much.

Depression and anxiety can sometimes cause a person to delve into writing, but the art of writing itself can actually lead to depression because a writer’s work is most times introverted and independent, and as such, they spend most of the time keeping to themselves.

Often times, the connection between the creative art of writing and mental health may seem illogical. Writers normally think that their elemental touch of creativity which makes them what they are, may soon fade off if they don’t come up with nice write-ups, and hence, could seek some kind of relief for their state of mental health with anxiety and depression. Sometimes their skill of writing and experience which they have garnered over the time may overwhelmingly take a turn and by losing grip on their skill, the outcome could be a terrible prospect.

Just like everyone else, writers who engage in the imaginary plotting of characters could end up in a state of despair and misery on the long run. The fact that writers endeavor to carve out time to create write-ups and also struggle to make writing part of their daily lives in a way adds some kind of pressure to their concept of creativity. What they do is to use graphic expressions of writing to conjure a piece of article or story out of nothing, despite the fact that writing could be quite difficult, and could cause some kinds of negative effects.

Over the years, there has been an assumption that creative people especially writers are more mentally unstable than everyone else. According to research, writers are at a higher tendency to suffer from bipolar disorder than the others and the rates of alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide increased tremendously among writers over the years. Also, there is notion that a writer becomes more creative when they are manic or hyper, as they could get more ideas in their state of excitement.

Also, writers are generally influenced by environmental factors and conditions. In writing, it takes a longtime to get something published and to get a feedback from readers of what has been published. When they finally get a feedback, it could sometimes be negative, leading them to a state of despair.

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