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The writing life is no easy one. A good number of people are of the opinion that provided you know how to pour out your ideas on a piece of paper, you have become a writer. Well, the fact is, everyone is a writer. However, not everyone writes well.
The road to being a good writer, is one saddled with lots of challenges, which the writer must surmount in order to advance a level higher.
One of such challenges, is criticisms. This could come from anywhere, you might even be shocked to discover that your closest friend, might be the one to offer his criticisms, at any of your written pieces; in this case, destructive criticisms. If such writer is not careful, there is a huge possibility that he would end up getting discouraged, and the flair for writing, would fade out gradually.
A writer should note that if attention is given to such demeaning comments, there would hardly be a chance of success. Rather, let those words spur you on to a better performance.
Another challenge which a writer would face, is writer’s block. This is a condition which all writers would experience, at different points in their writing lives. This is basically characterized by a period when writers get to a point whilst writing, and they go blank, and going further effectively, becomes futile.
Writer’s block usually occurs when a writer has been writing for long, and is becoming stressed both mentally and physically. The duration and rate of writer’s block varies from one writer to another, due to the differences in our body makeup.
In order to combat this, the writer must ensure that he undergoes enough rest in order to reload for a better performance.
Physical hazards could mar a writer’s life. For instance, a writer who has invested time and energy into writing for six months, and in just a couple of minutes, his house gets gutted by fire, and the work of six months goes up in flames in just few minutes.
The life of a writer is not a totally rosy one, as challenges should be expected, this is what truly defines a writer: The ability to forge ahead irrespective of how rough the path is. Being a writer broadens one’s scope and increases the knowledge bank of such individual.
There is a power behind writing; an unseen influence, or does a common saying not go thus: The Pen is mightier than the Sword.

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