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Writing is a skill which requires a deep level of creativity and also some qualities people use, but not in a way a writer uses it. A very important quality a proficient writer must possess, is the ability to concentrate, whether it is applied for short or long sessions or the both.
While paying attention to a writing job, most writers must permit a process that can interrupt the flow of activity. Due to maximum commitment to the writing task, any spark of inspiration or idea must be incorporated into the project. The focus on writing always seems to establish a lot of modes or initiatives to writing.
Importantly, there are various techniques which can facilitate a good writing skill, but many view regular writing and reading as the best technique to developing oneself in writing. Now there are quite a number of reasons many people become writers.
With the immense rise of the internet, and a considerable number of blogging platforms, people have found interest to showcase their skills of writing to people. It is a good platform for the timid and apprehensive people to be able to share their wonderful ideas and opinions to the world at large.
Over the past few years, a platform that could connect millions of writers and the masses together was unheard of and seemed absurd, now people are able to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions to the world in just a jiffy. The silent and timorous majority are now able to contribute their own quota to the movement without fear of nervousness. They have been able to create platforms and portals that would never have surfaced without the help of this online media.
However, the implication to all this is that there are no more standards to be evaluated, such that, almost everyone can contribute their thoughts and ideas. With the fact in view, all contributions cannot be equal. There is no one to evaluate the limit to which one can contribute, or to edit the content of a write-up, it is difficult to determine which writer to listen to or who to follow and invest time in.
The invention of effective communication tools such as online social media platforms has led to the ability of everyone to become a writer, as everyone has an idea that they want to share. If there are massive contributions with no value, a writer’s work might be fruitless.

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